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What the book is about

Nine-year-old Tanuj loves to listen to the story of Ravana and his ten heads. One night, after Amma narrates the story for the 145th time, Tanuj goes to bed chanting, 'East or West, Ravana is the Best'. The next morning, he wakes up to find that he has grown nine new heads!

Read this hilarious yet heart-warming story to find out if Tanuj ever got back to being a one-headed boy again!

Meet the Characters

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TANUJ: He is regular tantrum throwing nine-year old who takes pride in being the class topper since Class 1. Having heard Ravana's story for over 145 times, he is enamoured by the mythological character. 
RAVANA: Bored with life in Patala-loka, he is on the lookout for fun. He is obsessed with being the best -even better than Rama. Not happy with Tanuj being the class topper, he lays out a difficult challenge for Tanuj in order to get rid of his new heads.
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AMMA & APPA: Tanuj’s loving but quirky parents, who are forced to act mature and responsible when they would rather shriek their heads off and run!
MR. KHANNA: The Principal of Chunnilal Mehta School, he is a shrewd man who wastes no time in taking advantage of Tanuj's problem. 
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Buy the Book

'Ten Heads for Tanuj' is now available in stores. Click on the link below to buy/ gift a copy to your loved ones.