I once read a quote that goes "The universe is made up of stories . . . not atoms"

It was one of those things I immediately identified with and consequently, the quote has become a sort of mantra that I go back to everytime I find myself in a quagmire of ifs and buts.  

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children's books

The Moon Wants to be Spotless White
ISBN: 9789381576342

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Format: Paperback / Digital e-book
Pages: 46              
Language: English
Recommended Age: 6-8 years

books for children

When Grandma Climbed the Magic Ladder
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Format: Digital e-book
Pages: 32              
Language: English
Recommended Age: 6-8 years

stories for children

The Jungle Cinema
Self Published with the permission of Pratham Books, under the CC license
Format: Paperback/ PDF
Pages: 12        Language: English
Recommended Age: 6-8 years

What the book is about
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The vain Moon is devastated when he finds out about the dirt patch on his otherwise pristine white self. He wants to be scrubbed and cleaned by Dhobi Kaka to regain his spotless beauty. The Moon cunningly manipulates Mitu into helping him out in this mission. 
But how will Mitu get the moon down to be cleaned? 
Will kaka be able to restore the moon’s spotless beauty? 
Will Mitu be turned into an owl for not keeping her promise? 
Join in the fun-filled adventure of the Moon, Mitu and Dhobi Kaka, as the trio set out on their mission to help the Moon become spotless. 

What the book is about
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When his much-loved Grandma passes away, Shashi is both grieved and puzzled. Amma takes him aside to reveal something amazing - that Grandma was now on her way to become a star! 
Was Amma for real?
How would Grandma ever manage to reach the sky?
How long would it take her and what would she do once she got there? 
Join Grandma as she sets out on an amazing adventure to reach the sky, even as Shashi waits by his window each night to catch a glimpse of her amongst the millions of stars. 

What the book is about

A group of friends have a pleasant surprise when they enter an abandoned cinema hall in the jungle. And they don't need tickets to enter!

The story was written as part of the 'Retell, Remix, Rejoice' contest held by Pratham Books where the idea was to take a given set of illustrations and come up with a unique story by mixing them up. 'The Jungle Cinema' won the first place in the contest. Yeaaah!!

If you'd like to buy or gift the print version (they would make great return gifts!), do write in to me with the quantity.
New Book Announcement!

I'm excited to share that my story 'Wake Up, Amma!' is one of the prize winners at the CBT Competition for Writer's of Children's Books 2016 in the Picture Book (500-600 words) category. The book has also been accepted for publication and I hope to announce the release of the same sometime next year :)
The Void

Leaving this space blank . . . hoping to fill it up with a new book sometime soon! Of course, you'll be the first to hear about it :)