Priya Narayanan

author, traveller, mother, designer

. . . not necessarily in that order

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I once read a quote that goes

 "The universe is made up of stories . . . not atoms"

It was one of those things that I immediately identified with and the quote has become a sort of mantra that I go back to everytime I find myself in a quagmire of ifs and buts. 

On this page, you can find details regarding my published children'sbooks. Of course, there are several other stories  I've written that I hope will find a publisher some day. Until then, hope you'll enjoy these and spread the word so many more children can read them. After all, a writer wants nothing more than being read by more and more readers across the world :)

Stories & Poems

Long before I started writing for children 
I was writing poetry. And although I'm not sure how they measure up to the lofty standards of the world of poets and poems, I find great solace in expressing myself through verse. So, if you like poetry, do keep checking for poetic tit-bits every now and then.

Like evey great person (wink wink) I too make a discovery once in a while. My latest one is that writing for children's magazines is just as much fun as writing for books. Here is where you can find some of the stories I have contributed to various children's magazines.

About the Author

priya narayanan
This is ME
kids stories
This is my son's drawing of me
These pictures quite sum up the story of my life; but if you want to know more, here is where you should go clickety click cluck cluck. . . 

The Crooked Pencil

I've been toying with the idea of a blog for what seems like ever. The thing is, with a busy work schedule and the time I devote to my writing, it is difficult to write blog posts and maintain the site in general. But then, I got thinking . . . and I realized two things:

1. No one is going to penalize me if I didn't write a post daily ( or hey, will you?? )
2. If I give it a whacky enough name, I can post just about anything on the blog and blame it all on the PENCIL!!

So here I am, with a
crooked pencil that has a mind of its own. It will write when it wants to and remain a silent spectator at other times. But every time it writes, it will write with its heart -that's something I can vouch for. 

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Proof of the Pudding

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So here's where I share photographic evidence of all the fun I've had, conducting story-telling events, creative writing workshops and book readings.